One World, One Sky

The characters of Sesame Street take children on a fascinating journey to the stars. See how they behold the Big Dipper, look for the North Star, and take a walk on the Moon's surface!

The protagonists of the film are Elmo and Big Bird from “sesame street” and their Chinese colleague - hu hu Zhu. Together they watch the Big Dipper, search for the North star and walk on the surface of the moon.Film intended for viewers of 3–5 years of age. Distributor: sky-skan Europe; starring: Caroll Spinney, Kevin Clash, Tayler Bunch The show “Frank the hare” lasts 20 minutes and is presented presented before the film.This is a show for children, in which presenters take them to the forest, where they trace forest animals, following the footsteps left in the snow and talk about their winter habits. And when the night falls, it turns out that animals can also be found in the sky disguised as constellations.

Before the screening, „Frank the Bunny” live show will be conducted by the Planetarium staff.