Polaris. A cosmic submarine and the mystery of polar nights

Get to know the incredible story of a penguin and a bear. Find out how Earth rotates around its axis. Do you know the secrets of a polar night?

A penguin and a polar bear normally wouldn't get a chance to meet, but in Polaris we see them together. James is a curious traveller penguin who comes from the South Pole to the North Pole. He befriends a bear called Vladimir. Together, they decide to solve a certain conundrum. Just like true scientists, they ask questions, hypothesise, and observe various phenomena. This scientific adventure brings them to build an observatory and a space ship. They spectate at Earth, Mars and Saturn, and discover the planets' secrets, their similarities and differences. Polaris is an educational and beautiful animation that uses an engaging storyline to showcase various types of celestial bodies, introduce the notion of Earth's circumvolution, and demystify the most important elements of the scientific method.

Lectors: Cezary Żak i Artur Barciś

Polaris is prefaced with a live show conducted by Planetarium explainers in Polish.