Secrets of the Cardboard Rocket - for preschoolers

Would you like to embark on a cosmic journey, and see the Sun and the Solar System planets from up close? Join the film characters – a boy and a girl, who use the power of imagination to go on an incredible expedition with a hand-made rocket.

Imagination is powerful. It can even turn an ordinary cardboard box into a space rocket. And together with knowledge we gain from books, it gives us the key to world exploration! Protagonists of this film, a boy and a girl, will take us on a journey through the Solar System. We will find out what kind of weather prevails on Venus or Mars. We will also learn if it's possible to land on Jupiter, how does the Sun look from Pluto, and many other things.

Before the screening, there will be a live show “Cosmic Picnic” conducted by Planetarium explainers.