Przemiany Festival 2021

After Hours

Dialogue based meetings between Przemiany audience and experts – meaning “after hours” talks in a casual, friendly atmosphere. We will create a safe space where you can discuss and exchange ideas comfortably, without the typical distance between lecturers and listeners.

We will talk about:

  • tools, such as the carbon footprint calculator or the blackout simulator;
  • systems for optimisation of energy transition;
  • satellite pictures, used to monitor climate change;
  • citizen science in the context of ionising radiation measurements;
  • climate justice when it comes to global inequalities – especially within the area of the Global South;
  • high-speed rail which could partly replace the energy consuming air transport;
  • turning waste into sources of energy;
  • the most effective pro-climate organisations;
  • the climate fiction trend in literature;
  • the role of humanities in solving the climate crisis.