High Voltage Theatre

Inside the High Voltage Theatre, you'll see intriguing shows starring electricity, as well as surprising science shows, during which our explainers will conduct experiments from different fields of science.

Press the door-handle of heavy, tin doors, sit inside of the safe Faraday cage, and see the mighty lightings from up close. Learn what secrets hide in the light, how to find a centre of gravity, and why anybody can play in our Copernican orchestra.

The shows last for 15 minutes. Entry is available every hour, included with your ticket to the Exhibitions.

ATTENTION: On selected days, the Theater may not be accessible, or there might be changes in the program.

Check today's Theater availability.

The Masters' Duel

The flagship spectacles of our Show Group are: The Masters' Duel and Electrons in Action. The first one is a meeting between two great minds, Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla, and two great ideas which changed the world. What will win: Edison's favourite direct current, or alternating current pushed by Tesla? Starring a Van de Graaff's generator, a plasma globe, a Tesla coil, and a Jacob's ladder. All of the above will be shown in the context of the famous War of the Currents, happening in the 19th century, in USA.

Electrons in Action

What happens when you touch the shiny bowl of a Van de Graaf's generator? Electrons in Action is a show during which your hair will (literally) stay on end! During these demonstrations you will get to know many rules of electromagnetism. Does electricity run through cables the same way water runs in pipes? What is plasma? How do wireless devices work? Come and see spectacular electricity discharges, dozens of centimetres long, and leave the theatre filled with positive energy.

(Un)balanced and See! The Light

Besides the spectacles starring electricity, we have also prepared science shows for our Visitors. This time, it's not the current in the main role, but... the audience, which discovers mysteries of different scientific fields together with our animators. During (Un)balanced, you will embark on a sea journey, together with a captain and a deckie from Copernican Navy. You will learn what causes sea sickness and how to find the centre of gravity of the Baltic Sea. The key to finding the answers is balance. Meanwhile, in the Ill!umination show, we put light itself on the stage, and not only it shines on our explainers, but also plays a key role in our experiments. These aren't our only shows, we are already working on new ones.

Science show performers

At the heart of our spectacles, there are the people creating our Show Group. They write screenplays, come up with surprising plot twists, practice the experiments for hours, and polish their lines like professional actors. Visit the High Voltage Theatre and meet our Show Group. They like to amaze, and they have a few surprises up their sleeves, e.g. a recipe for music or an advice for how to face love. Come and see!

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