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Free-of-charge Planetarium screenings in Ukrainian


We invite all Ukrainian families to join our cosmic adventure. In the Copernicus Science Centre Planetarium, we will organise free screenings of our three acclaimed titles – Polaris (age 5+), Astronaut (age 7+), and We Are Aliens (age 10+). The screenings will be preceded with live sky shows, also in Ukrainian.

Shows schedule

  • 14.09 17:30 - We Are Aliens
  • 21.09 17:30 - Astronaut
  • 12.10 17:30 - Polaris
  • 19.10 17:30 - We are astronomers
  • 02.11 17:30 - We Are Aliens
  • 16.11 17:30 - Astronaut
  • 30.11 17:30 - Polaris
  • 14.12 17:30 - We are astronomers
  • 21.12 17:30 - We Are Aliens

How to get a ticket?

Tickets are issued via the hotline (+48 22 596 41 00, Mon-Fri 8am-4pm) and email (info@kopernik.org.pl) and You can collect your free ticket in the Planetarium and Copernicus Science Centre cash desks, but only on the day of the screening. One person can collect no more than 4 tickets, as long as there are seats available. Be advised, that you should come to the screening room at least 5 minutes before the event begins.

The show and the screening are conducted in Ukrainian. The Polish language version will be available in the headphones that you can rent from the cash desk.

Opening days and hours of the cash desks are available here, in the Opening Hours section.

See you soon!


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