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Brain on stage? Physics in the spotlight? Metronome in the leading role? World in 'nocolour'? The Baltic's centre of gravity?

Copernicus Science Centre's scientific shows mean: artistic spectacles, impressive experiments, expert knowledge, great fun. In half an hour, you will see how much more you can learn, and discover the fascinating side of science. A conference, a picnic, a festival, a socialising event – we reach every place where there are people with curiosity and openness to out-of-the-box entertainment.

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Małgorzata Adamska

New shows

Pokaz naukowy O!świecenie
O!Świecenie (See! The Light)

See the world in nocolour. Find out what in light, and what do we owe to colours.

Pokaz naukowy "Morskie opowieści"
Morskie opowieści o równowadze (Balance Fish Tales)

Embark on a sea journey. Try to find the Baltic Sea's centre of gravity, and to defeat seasickness. Balance is key.

Pokazy naukowe - Kopernik na kółkach
Mobile Copernicus

We packet more than 60 exhibits into a cart of modest size. We will gladly bing them to you!

Permanent shows

Pokaz naukowy "Umysł przyłapany"
Umysł Przyłapany (Captured Mind)

See how your brain deals with traps set by the senses. Learn about the tricks used by illusionists and marketing specialists.

Pokaz naukowy "Muzyka"
Muzyka (Music)

Look at music through the eyes of a physicist, and discover that everything can be an instrument. Join our orchestra.

Pokaz naukowy "Ciśnienie"
Ciśnienie (Pressure)

Investigate weather phenomena with us. Find out what connects the atmosphere with an apple's peel, and why shortness of breath happens more often in the mountains.

Mapa pokazów naukowych w 2019 roku
Our shows in numbers

In 2019, we executed 224 shows seen by ca. 11 500 people.

We made 10 385 km in cars, 5 736 in trains, and 41 077 by airplanes.

We visited Slovenia, Russia, Croatia, Italy, China, Korea, Israel, and Lithuania. We performed in Poland 30 times.

During our shows, we used 59 cans, 50 apples, and 70 lemons.