The “Captured Mind” travelling exhibition

Is reality what we perceive? What happens when our senses receive contradictory informations? How are they interpreted by the brain? This interactive, travelling exhibition by Copernicus Science Centre sets traps for the mind and lets us see its many surprising gimmicks.

Based on the senses, our brain builds an image of the outside world. How do we deal with the huge amount of stimuli coming from our environment? From a barrage of information, our brains elects the most important ones. However, it is far more influenced by emotions than we might think. It guesses, weasels, looks for connections, manipulates the memory.

Once we find out that we can hear with our elbows, why not try the experiment again, but with a stick or a pen? We can painlessly sit on nails, but how about gravel? How can we not distinguish between a hot and a cold object? The “Captured Mind” subjects us to a sort of scientific initiation, it breaks the moulds of thinking, and allows us to see what a fascinating adventure science is!

This exhibition is intended not only for children and teenagers, but also for adults, who have a great time there. The exhibits are interactive, which means that Visitors have to test them on their own in order to see the workings of their minds – the actual protagonists of the exhibition!

Designed and produced entirely by specialists and experts from the Copernicus Science Centre, “Captured Mind” is our second mobile exhibition. The exhibition was created in 2014 on the wave of enormous popularity enjoyed by our first traveling exhibition – “Experiment!”. In the years 2014-2018, it visited many places in Poland, and after last year's thorough renovation, we are proud to hand it over to you again.

The exhibition consists of 19 exhibits, including 13-15 that are regularly made available, and a few backup ones. It can only be rented within Poland. We offer rentals for longer periods: a month, a quarter, or even half a year.

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