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Bicycles on our patio

Have you ever ridden a penny-farthing? Do you think it's easy to keep your balance while on a 3-persons tandem? Hop on and enjoy! We prepared some surprising bicycles for you to ride on our patio.

You can test a bicycle that is steered like a sailboat or one with a reversed steering wheel, and all this – outdoors! Sounds interesting? In our peculiar collection, we also have Leonardo's bicycle or a wooden balance bike for adults. Find out if you're well synchronised while the bikes are connected in parallel. It's a true challenge for two! Bicycle experiments bring smiles to your faces, surprise you, and most importantly, ensure great fun for everybody, regardless of age.

Our penny-farthings are slick and fast, but beware of speeding too much and remember to wear a helmet. The bicycles you will find on the patio are just a taste of our forthcoming temporary exhibition. We will welcome it in October and it will be devoted to – you guessed it! – bicycles. There, you will see interactive exhibits, as well as collections of both the most innovative and oldest bikes. During the exhibition, you will have a chance to see them up close, learn about their construction and history, try the most unique models, and find out that it is possible to ride a bike with square wheels!

Bicycles will stay on our patio only until the end of October, so don't delay your visit to Copernicus. Expect a full blast off!

Patio entrance is next to the Air Fountain

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