Przemiany Festival 2021

Gallery of change: civilisation and nature

This year, festival lectures and debates will be accompanied by a mini-gallery of seven pieces of art with special commentaries, referring to the main themes of the XI Przemiany Festival. There will also be a meeting with Zuza Stańska – the DailyArt app and DailyArt Magazine website creator – who handpicked the pieces and prepared their critical captions.

We will talk about how, throughout the years, art referenced the hopes and fears connected to the key events of industrial revolutions. We will take a look at pieces showing both the destruction of the environment, and the beauty of will nature; both the process of subduing nature, and a harmonious co-existing.

On top of this, we will try to analyse and evaluate the examples and possibilities of using art to familiarise society with scientific discoveries and technological advancements, as well as to increase people's awareness about their potential consequences. We wish to talk about, among others: paintings of Belle Époque, which were both enthusiastic and wary of the widespread electrification; Soviet mosaics portraying the nuclear power of the USSR; artists taking note of how the condition of the environment has worsened due to industrial interferences, acknowledging the harm, and appealing for protection of nature; the dangers of mythologising the technical advancements, and of too much ambition, or maybe even a lack of responsibility on the human part.

Gallery of change