Consortium Members of the Copernican Revolution Lab

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Moje Bambino

Area of Cooperation:

As part of the PPK Consortium, the company will participate in research and development activities in the field of educational products. Its role will be to develop guidelines and designs for educational products and equipment elements in educational institutions. The resulting products are intended to provide the best conditions for developing student competencies and supporting learning processes. Moje Bambino will leverage its market experience to monitor the evolving educational market and adapt the Consortium's products to the current needs of students and teachers.

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BeCREO Technologies

Area of Cooperation:

BeCREO will commercialize the products developed through the R&D efforts of PPK. The company will also create various educational solutions intended for individual customers or schools. The products and solutions will combine the latest technologies with the outcomes of R&D work.

Partners of the Copernican Revolution Lab


Main Partner of the Copernican Revolution Laboratory

Strategic Partner of the Copernicus Science Centre since 2010, a leading innovative technology company in the world, with its second largest R&D center (outside Korea) located in Poland.

Under the agreement, it has become the Main Partner of the Copernican Revolution Laboratory and will financially support the project. As part of its sponsorship, it will co-implement projects related to technologies in education, entrepreneurship incubators, and the development of smart cities.

Area of Cooperation within CRL – Projects implemented with the Samsung R&D Center:

  1. Development of educational solutions and products, including those involving remote learning.
  2. Application of information technologies for effective learning, information processing, and knowledge creation processes.
  3. IT solutions for use in educational and professional processes by individual and business users (applications, games, and IT devices).
  4. Methods and techniques for implementing artificial intelligence solutions.
  5. Usability research of products and solutions in relation to the end-user, their cognitive abilities, learning skills, and creativity.
  6. Development of educational and knowledge assessment systems.
  7. Projects supporting the development of soft skills in youth, enabling them to identify and solve social challenges based on new technologies.

Previous cooperation between Samsung and Copernicus: Samsung Zone.

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Investment Partner of the Copernican Revolution Laboratory

Area of Cooperation within CRL:

  1. Implementation of building solutions provided by Saint-Gobain in the PPK building, ensuring optimal interior acoustics.
  2. Collaboration in highlighting the educational value of the applied Saint-Gobain products.
  3. Content-related collaboration in creating exhibitions of Saint-Gobain materials in the context of their educational value.
  4. Support in scientific communication training for Saint-Gobain employees.