Constellation: Love

A date under the stars? We'll take you to the most romantic corners of the Milky Way and join you on the lookout for hearts in the Solar System. We will also learn about space couples, and why is it that singles are a minority.

Isn't it pleasant to talk about love under a cloudless sky, filled with shimmering stars? Join us for a stargazing date! At our Planetarium, even adverse weather conditions won't disrupt it. "Constellation: Love" is a unique offering from the planetarium for a romantic evening. During our intergalactic journey, we will show you the most romantic corners of the Milky Way, explain why singles are a minority in space, clarify why it's better to come from Mars than Venus, and discover where in the Solar System you can find hearts! And for dessert, we'll reveal that calling someone "your little star" doesn't have to be just a gesture of affection. There's a scientific truth hidden in this expression.

The shows are performed live and are largely improvised. 
The translation available on headphones is not literal. It focuses on descriptions of the objects and phenomena being viewed.