Cosmic Voyage

Embark on a spaceship journey. Learn about planet movements, what are Saturn rings made of, and how does an interplanetary trash bin look like.

First, we will visit the Orbital Space Museum, the former International Space Station, where we will learn about the beginnings of crewed space flights. From there, we will venture further into interplanetary space. Have you ever observed Saturn's rings and its numerous moons up close? No? Now you will have the opportunity. Together, we will cover millions of kilometers! You will discover how celestial bodies move within the Solar System and how spacecraft navigate through it. You will realize that there are far more objects in our immediate vicinity than just the well-known Sun and planets. Some of these objects orbit in stable paths, creating a vast interplanetary junkyard, while others traverse the space between planets. Who knows, maybe the cosmos will surprise us with something unexpected during our expedition?

The shows are performed live and are largely improvised. 
The translation available on headphones is not literal. It focuses on descriptions of the objects and phenomena being viewed.