Hello Earth

Why do we need human interactions so badly? Does the Internet really connect people? How can we let other potential inhabitants of the Cosmos know that we exist?


From the beginning of their history, humans have sought contact with others. Following this path, we invented writing, radio, telephone and finally – the Internet. We overcame language barriers, problems related to distance and information flow time. Thanks to modern technologies and communication devices, we are changing the world and ourselves. Connected with an invisible network, we remain in touch 24/7.  Hello Earth takes us on a journey following the cosmic probes that carry messages from the Earth for future generations and, possible, for other inhabitants of the Universe.

It is a fulldome animation about the essence of human communication, intended for projections on the Planetarium’s spherical screen. Thanks to this unique technology, the viewers will experience the film not only by listening to words and its key message, but also through images, music and sound surrounding them from all sides. Voice-over narration by Zbigniew Zamachowski. Music composed by Jan Duszyński, author of original score for films including Jack Strong (for which he was nominated to Orły Polish Film Awards) and Pokłosie.

Hello Earth is the second film created by the Heavens of Copernicus Planetarium Production Studio and produced by the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw. Already before the premiere, the film’s trailer received an award at the international Jena FullDome Festival.

Before the screening, there is a seasonal live show conducted in Polish. Read about the shows.