Live shows

Would you like to get closer to stars? It's possible, thanks to the newest technologies that are in possession of our Planetarium. During the live show, our explainers will tell you about some constellations, the Solar System, and various, faraway places in the Universe.

The Planetarium’s repertoire includes live shows presented before films. Usually they are seasonal in nature and discuss phenomena that can be observed in the sky in the particular period. You can watch them with the ticket for any of the film screenings. The show lasts 15 minutes and is presented live by the Planetarium staff.

The live show is conducted live and in Polish.

Summer Show - How Worlds are Born

A summer night is the perfect moment to gaze at the star-studded sky. During the show, we will witness mythological scenes concealed within the most famous constellations. We will explore how our ancestors explained the creation of the world and how modern science describes it.

The secrets of the birth of worlds, planets, and stars will be revealed through deep sky objects - nebulae. We will not only see their images captured by modern telescopes but also simulations illustrating the evolution of these objects - from loose clusters of dust and gas to intense star-forming processes.

Autumn Among the Stars

On the night sky, stars appear as bright dots. However, we know they are immense and very distant. Although we cannot yet travel to them, we have our ways of measuring the cosmos. In the autumn sky, several celestial bodies are visible, which have changed our understanding of the sizes of the Universe and allowed us to build a cosmic "distance ladder." We will joyfully present them to you at the Planetarium. We will also explore how the view of the sky changes when observed from beyond Earth. The show will be available at the Planetarium from the first day of autumn.

Winter Show - Supervision

The winter sky is one of the most beautiful sights in the world. Right now, we will see the famous constellation Orion and the Pleiades star cluster, as well as many other beautiful and bright stars.


“Frank the Hare and Stellar Adventure“

Pokaz Zając Franek

Presenters take our little audience into the woods, where they seek animals that are hiding among the trees. Children meet a family of hedgehogs, a lynx, an owl and a deer. And when the night falls, it turns out that the animals can also be found in the sky, disguised as constellations.The show is presented before the film “One World, One Sky” for children aged 3-5 years.