Odyssey across the sky

Have you ever wondered how many fish there are in the sky – up among the constellations? Or how many dogs? And what is a constellation, anyway? It’s usually considered be the shape that emerges when we draw lines connecting certain stars in the sky. Using our imagination, we try to make out the shape of different objects, animals, or mythological heroes. Who has never heard of Orion or Cassiopeia? And how about the Big Dipper – is that also one of the constellations?

Come enjoy this new live show at the Planetarium, this time devoted entirely to constellations. We will tell the stories of some lesser-known ones, such as the river Eridanus, Ophiuchus the serpentbearer, and Indus the Indian. We will see what the sky looks like from the Earth’s southern hemisphere, such as Centaurus the centaur and the famous Southern Cross. Viewers will also have a chance to find out what the Incas thought about the origins of the Milky Way. In conclusion, we will reveal how the constellations officially stand today, based on the 20th-century decisions of the International Astronomical Union.

The shows are performed live and are largely improvised. 
The translation available on headphones is not literal. It focuses on descriptions of the objects and phenomena being viewed.