How strong is our awareness of science? Can we easily access new discoveries or studies? Do we understand them? The RETHINK Project was created in order to take a closer look at contemporary science communication and find methods to improve it. So that contextual knowledge of EU citizens could play a part in shaping the future of scientific and technological development, and sharing it could be simple.

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How to achieve this? By creating an open, integrated, reflective, and adaptive system of communication, and tightening the bonds of science–society interactions. Inside RETHINK, we will discover the barriers and inequalities that stand in the way.

Copernicus Science Centre is a member of an international team behind the project. The leader of the consortium is University of Bristol.

What do we do in Poland?

We have launched Rethinkerspace – a 15-member group of scientists and science communicators, mostly ones dealing with climate or artificial intelligence. We are also curious about social sciences – human attitudes and reactions to information contradicting their world view, pro-social activities. Together, we examine the challenges facing the Polish #SciComm community, and we test out different approaches or strategies. We combine theory, practice, and local communities. Our aim is to synthesise the shared knowledge and experiments in the form of a guide for scientists, politicians, and practicians. We are also thinking about creating a supportive group of science communicators and people working in the area of education within local communities and governments, all willing to learn from one another.