Science Picnic

The latest research, iconic experiments, interesting workshops, and breathtaking shows. We invite you to the largest outdoor science promoting event in Europe.

Our picnic is unique! Everyone will find something for themselves. Aficionados and laymen. Young and old. Those interested in science and those who are just getting fascinated by it. You don’t believe us? Do as a scientist would – check it out! Every year, you have at your disposal many activities related to STEM sciences, as well as humanities and social studies. This diverse program is being prepared by institutions from Poland and around the world. Science and research institutions, universities, museums and cultural institutions, foundations related to education and scientific clubs come together to present phenomena, technological achievements, as well as their own research and accomplishment

25. Science Picnic – 21 May 2022

Science stands and tents will show up in Copernicus and around it. You will find them in front of the building, at the exhibitions, on the patio, in the 512 Pavillon, in our conference centre and the auditorial room. 40 exhibitors will show off their proposals. An opportunity to visit the Exhibitions and take part in a Planetarium show for free will be an additional perk of the day.


Water is the source of life. Tirelessly circulating through the environment, changing its physical state. The same molecules, which currently create the ocean, could in a few months find themselves within the snow cover in the mountains. Water is in the air, in the ground, inside us. Lack of access to clean water poses danger to whole societies. Too much of it, creates devastation and causes fear. Water related issues are the subject of countless scientific studies. They address many areas of knowledge – from philosophy, social studies, history, through geophysics, hydrology, physics, mathematic modelling, geography, botanics, agrarian sciences, engineering, all the way to medicine, and even astrophysics. This huge variety shows what a huge role water plays and how big its research potential is. Which is why it will become the protagonist of the 25. Polish Radio and Copernicus Science Centre Science Picnic.

Program programme

At the Picnic, everyone will find something fitting to their interests. We will construct boats, fish for ice cubes, create blooming paper flowers and fog-catchers. We will take a closer look at levitating water droplets and we'll see inside them. We will enter a giant ear and find out if a seismometer can register our stomping. We will investigate if a fish can swim inside honey, and what Is the connection between plasm and coffee. We will move to a forest clearing, to a swamp and to Spitzbergen. There will also be an occasion to take a look at the newest inventions – super fins, edible packaging, water purification technology prototypes, as well as solutions used in medicine and diagnostics. There will be plenty of lectures by experts and science shows on stage.

More details coming soon.

Dofinansowano z programu „Społeczna odpowiedzialność nauki” Ministra Edukacji i Nauki