We build travelling exhibitions

At the Copernicus Science Centre, we design and construct not only individual exhibits that we make available to Visitors as part of our constantly improved stationary exhibitions, but we also create exhibitions traveling around the country, thanks to which even more people gain the opportunity to discover the fascinating world of science through independent experimentation.

Write to us in order to rent an exhibition!

About our “Captured Mind” exhibition

Is the world around us really what we perceive? What happens when our senses receive contradictory informations? How are they interpreted by the brain?

Mind Traps is an interactive, travelling exhibition by Copernicus Science Centre. It sets traps for the mind and lets us see its many gimmicks. The whole exhibition was created by the Copernicus team – scientists, engineers, designers, and educators.

You can rent it for a longer period – a month, a quarter, or even half a year.

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