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New restrictions in the Planetarium

Żółta strefa

Due to Warsaw being incorporated into the yellow zone, and the introduction of new restrictions, we were forced to limit the number of seats available in the Planetarium projection room to 35. This limit comes into force on 10 October 2020.

New restrictions do not apply to Exhibitions.

The Copernicus Science Centre will contact you by phone and/or e-mail, if you are among the persons who, due to the inconvenience, will not be able to use previously purchased tickets to the Planetarium.

  • Persons with a ticket for a screening at the Planetarium are entitled to either a refund, or an opportunity to visit Copernicus on the day of the screening for which there were not enough seats available.
  • Persons who have purchased a combined ticket to the Centre and the Planetarium are entitled to either a full refund, or a visit to the Copernicus Science Centre on the date and a voucher to the Planetarium for another day.

If we do not contact you, it means that you are in the group of the first 35 viewers (in the order of purchase) who can use their tickets without any changes.

The full refund of a ticket to the Planetarium, or a combined ticket to the Centre and the Planetarium, will take place after we receive an email from you, confirming your chosen option.


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