Cosmic Live Electronic

Przemysław Rudź

Once again, under the starry dome of the Planetarium, Przemysław Rudź, a composer and performer of classical electronic music from Gdańsk, will appear. Alongside his well-known compositions, the artist will also present newer pieces created over the past two years.

One of the premier compositions, "On the Silver Globe," is dedicated to Jerzy Żuławski, a precursor of Polish science fiction literature, whose 150th birthday anniversary the science fiction community celebrates in 2024.

Przemysław Rudź is a composer and performer of electronic music, a sound engineer, science popularizer, and entrepreneur. In his work, he references the achievements of the Polish school of electronic music, enriching it with elements of progressive rock harmony. He made his artistic debut in 2009 on the program "Studio El-muzyki," hosted by the legendary music journalist and guru of classical electronic music fans, Jerzy Kordowicz. From 2016 to 2023, he was an expert responsible for space education, media relations, information, and promotion at the Polish Space Agency.