Concerts under the Stars

Music under a starry sky – doesn't it sound beautiful? Come and see cosmic visualisations on the Planetarium's dome, while listening to classical and modern music by Polish musicians.

We invite lovers of music and astronomy to our Planetarium, for unique Concerts under the Stars. Chopin, Bach, Debussy, Piazzolla, Feldman – classical and modern music performed by Polish musicians. Join us on a trip to space, with pianos, violins, trumpets, accordions, saxophones or cellos playing in the background. Immersed in music, we will visit faraway corners of the Universe and take a closer look at stars, planets and other celestial objects.

Artistic visualisations created by the Planetarium's presenters for each piece, combined with live music, merge into cosmic mini-etudes. Not only do they deliver intense artistic experiences to the audience, but also encourage a reflection upon the space that each of us and humanity as a whole occupy within the Universe. Under a starry sky, music sounds even better!

Jazz Orbit

Do you like jazz and improvisation? In our Planetarium, we will elevate you to the “Jazz Orbit” – during the concerts, you will hear both famous standards, and true cosmic improvisations, in the spirit of fusion or avant-garde.

The concerts will be accompanied by visualisations of the sky against the dome. Images of the sky, space and the remotest corners of the Universe will become an inspiration for the artists who will create for them a musical illustration in the rhythm of jazz. The cosmic themes will be generated by the sounds of piano and trumpet but the musicians and their instruments will also influence what the audience will see on the screen. You need to see and hear this in person!

Kids’ Concerts

Music, astronomy and children? How can we combine the natural curiosity of a child and the sensitivity to music – with sky observations? We’ve come up with a solution! 

Now we would like to invite you to our extremely interactive and the most engaging monthly concerts, tailored to the youngest viewers. Apart from the sounds of the piano, you will hear hand-made rattles and drums. The concerts at the planetarium are amazing events presenting music arrangements enriched with sky and space visualisations. When listening to fine and subtle classical music, you will explore every nook and cranny of the Solar System, and experience a truly cosmic journey.

Concerts for kids aged 7 to 12 take place on a selected Sunday in a given month and they last for approx. 45 minutes. 

Cosmic Live Electronic

Get to know the newest projects of electronic music artists. Watch hypnotising sky visualisations on the Planetarium's dome, and the accompanying laser effects.