Under the Stars concert

Jazz Orbit: Cosmic Silence

This July evening, two jazzmen will take us on a space journey. The path will be marked out by the unearthly sounds of Leszek Sting's saxophone and the amazing sound of Joachim Mencel’s hurdy-gurdy. The artists claim that the cosmos resounds with music and that the stars and planets have their own rhythm and tone.

They focus on the sounds the cosmos makes, follow in its footsteps, and paint their experience and fascination with the Universe, trying to interpret and reflect its majestic infinity.

"Cosmic Silence" is both the name of the concert project and the title of their vinyl album, a part of which you can listen to on YouTube.

The concert will take place on July 26 at 8:00 PM in the Planetarium. Reduced/regular tickets are available for 50 PLN on our website.