The Experimental Zone

The Experimental Zone is the main exhibition in Copernicus which occupies a huge open space on the 1st floor. It is dedicated to nature with its phenomena, and to humans and our perception of the physical world. Here, you can experiment on your own, using around 200 exhibits.

Experiment, experience, explore

The exhibits you will find here are not only ambitious and illuminating, but also accessible and extremely absorbing. They give you a quest, allow you to investigate and make mistakes. They present natural phenomena for you to discover and research via interacting. We built most of them in our own workshop, and we're very proud of that! However, we also imported some from the best constructors in the world. On the exhibition, we limited multimedia to a minimum, so that our visitors can fully focus on the experience.

See the analogies

Each exhibit brings new stimuli and, at the same time, knowledge, to which you can refer in the following stations. Groups of exhibits present a given phenomenon from various angles, which helps to memorise and understand complex processes. For example, seeing an analogy between different types of waves – water, sound, light, or Mexican – isn't easy. But dozens of experiments allow you to observe various types of waves and through that, to fully understand the phenomenon. This way, you will get a comprehensive understanding of magnetic phenomena, as well as the other 18 thematic groups of the exhibition.

Man and nature

In the part dedicated to man and nature, you will become the subject of surprising experiments yourself. You will investigate how your senses and skills allow you to perceive, interpret and describe the world. You will test your body's abilities, your light sensitivity, perception of colours, or susceptibility to illusions. You will find out how it feels to lay in a Fakir's bed, and if you're able to drive under the influence of alcohol. You will also learn what a cross section of a redwood trunk looks like. You will get a chance to observe living organisms and the changes they are subjected to. You will see photosynthesis with your own eyes, as well as hydras and growing fungi.

Physical phenomena

The area dedicated do physical phenomena is where you will find exhibits related to waves, electricity, fluids, or chaos. You will go for a walk with a gyroscopic „Unruly suitcase”, you will build a „Magnetic bridge”, you will be amazed by the possibilities of a „Rotating table”. You will get to experiment with stroboscopes and sound. You will learn what Einstein received a Nobel Prize for, and see the cosmic radiation. You will even create smoke rings, similar to those you can observe above the Etna volcano.


Next to Thinkatorium and the blue pavilion, you will find the exhibits dedicated to physical phenomena, while in the proximity of High Voltage Theatre and Labs – experimental stations that will allow you to learn about man and nature. In front on the Labs, in a big, orange pavilion with a darkened interior, you will experiment with light and colours, and test your sense of sight. In both areas, we have set up leisure corners, where you can gather the strength necessary to continue the exploration. There is also a cafe in the Experimental Zone, with a terrace overlooking the Vistula river.

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