Grow Your Own City

Przemiany Festival is taking place on 7.10 (7–11 p.m.), 8.10 (11 a.m.–10 p.m.) and 9.10 (11 a.m.–8 p.m.).

Entry is free and none of the events require prior registration. Participants of the festival can also see the exhibition The Future Is Today (entrance from the Festival area, on level 0).

The accompanying events – 2 concerts by Resina in the Planetarium – are paid. You can get the tickets at

In cities, all the main civilisational challenges of current times are brought together. They can be extremely hot, sometimes there is smog, sudden rainfalls cause flooding, anthropocentric infrastructure destroys natural habitats of biodiversity, and local microclimates change. But what if we saw a metropolis as a huge living organism, which transforms and adapts to changes? Let us grow cities which are friendly to both people and nature, biodiverse, local, energy efficient. Let us use our imagination, good practices, and above all – scientific knowledge. A lot is depending on us. You will see for yourselves during this year's Przemiany Festival. We have 3 days of meetings, lectures, workshops and concerts ahead of us.

Observing nature

Astonishingly many urban inspirations can be found in nature. Some organisms even have ready solutions for us. At the Festival, we will get to know the communities of bees, ants and termites, which are perfectly adept in adjusting to local conditions and have developed remarkable mechanisms of survival. We will see maps created by unassuming slime molds and compare them with solutions proposed by urban planners. We will take a closer look at bioluminescent organisms which could help us fight the energy crisis by replacing street lights. We will learn how to properly compost organic waste, how to create your own seed banks and to grow hydroponic crops.

Utopias and plans

A city among clouds, under a glass dome, a plant-city. Answers to the burning challenges of the future could be found in utopian visions. During the Festival's debates, we will learn about some of them. During panel meetings, we will talk about zero emissions in architecture, passive construction and urban microclimates. We will also see visions of metropolis created by artists for the exhibition “The Code of The City” and a unique set of thematic documentaries in the Przemiany Cinema.

Urban climate

Each festival has its specific atmosphere. As per usual at Przemiany, there will be plenty of chances to have casual chats with experts and to experiment on one's own. There will also be a thematic magazine library and a cafe with a special, local menu. Those who care deeply about the future of food and its challenges will sit at a common table. You are welcome to join in. Of course, festival evenings are all about music. This year, we will listen to live shows by Resina and Patryk Zakrocki.