Discovery Park

W związku z budową budynku Pracowni Przewrotu Kopernikańskiego Park Odkrywców jest niedostępny.

The green area between Copernicus Science Centre and Świętokrzyski Bridge is the Discovery Park, where you can experience even more physical phenomena!

The Park is available to visitors all day, and it serves as a recreational area for local residents. This is what our CEO, Robert Firmhofer, said during the inauguration: „Today, we're not only opening yet another attraction of the Centre, but also a very interesting new point on the city map. It results from the idea that science shouldn't be kept in a box, which is where we so often put exhibitions. Science should reach out to people and be a part of society. (…) We're coming out to you with science, but we're also creating a place of entertainment and leisure in the direct proximity of Vistula.”

The Park was co-designed by engineers, artists, and landscape architects. It's a place to rest at the riverbank, but also to experiment with sound using various exhibits we put here – e.g. acoustic mirrors or The Whisperer. During the warmer months, the Park becomes a spot for astronomical observations, outdoor cinema, artistic installations, and many more.