How does one prepare for a visit at the International Space Station? What do astronauts actually do there? Learn about the dangers that await humans in space.

How does one prepare to stay on a space station? Find out what tough and gruelling experiments do astronauts go through before they can embark on their life adventure. See what it feels like to be an astronaut who goes to space or wander around the International Space Station. Learn about the dangers that await us in outer space. Our need to explore wins against all risks, because being human means constantly yearning to seek new adventures. How to join in? Come to a screening of "Astronaut". And if you want to see who is at the International Space Station right now, go to How Many People Are in the Space Right Now?

Lector: Krzysztof Banaszek

The film 3D is prefaced by a live screening of Mars 3D:

If your imagination gets fired up over the idea of a human mission to Mars, or better yet, you would like to feel as if you're already there, come to see Mars 3D. During the screening, you will learn how we prepare to conquer the Red Planet and what difficulties will the future colonisers have to overcome. The show is around 20 minutes and it is hosted by the Planetarium explainers only before the following films: Dream to Fly 3D and Astronaut 3D.