music show

Chaos and order. Mathematical symphony

Each visit to the Planetarium is like a break from day-to-day matters: isolated cinema auditorium, huge semi-spherical screen and a cosmic “perspective” encourage the viewers to stay focused and relaxed at the same time. Our amazing film entitled “Chaos and order” will only add to this truly special experience. It is a tribute to maths, full of admiration for this branch of science, which was once described by the outstanding Polish mathematician Stefan Banach as “the most beautiful and powerful creation of the human spirit”.

“Chaos and order” invites us to the world of art created with the use of algorithms: platonic solids, geometric shapes, galaxy clusters, amazing structures of the Universe, chaos theory simulation, cycloids and Newton fractals. It lets the audience dive into the reality filled with 3D fractals (the application for designing such mages was created by Krzysztof Marczak), witness a spectacular crash of galaxies and observe how enormous, heavy and sticky drops “fall” on them from a huge screen.  Presentation of mathematical structures is interrupted with a few short images of our everyday world — grey, rainy and not very attractive as opposed to colourful and fascinating maths that stands behind it.

“Chaos and order” is an experience impacting both senses and emotions, which is accompanied by the dynamic, instrumental electronic music of Johannes Kraas. Author of the images Rocco Helmchen says he was never good a maths and yet he remained fascinated by it. The aim of the creators was to show that maths in not only a school subject — boring and difficult for many — but so much more.
If you were ever bored during school math’s classes, this show will reshape your bad memories. “Chaos and order” will delight everyone, not only mathematicians!