BLOOM (Boosting European Citizens’ Knowledge and Awareness of Bio-Economy Research and Innovation) is a project dedicated to disseminating knowledge about the bio-economy. It also aims to increase the involvement of different groups in the planning and implementation of research and practical solutions in this area.

Projekt Bloom

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How can this be achieved? Through an open and critical dialogue between European citizens, civil society, bio-economy innovation networks, local research centres, business sector and public administration institutions at different levels.

Working groups will be set up in Poland, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Austria and Finland to identify the challenges facing selected areas of the bio-economy and propose possible solutions.

The bio-economy makes it possible to create goods and services using biological renewable resources in a sustainable way. The area of interest of this interdisciplinary field of the economy includes:

  • ensuring food security,
  • sustainable management of natural resources,
  • reduction of dependence on non-renewable resources,
  • climate change mitigation and adaptation,
  • creating jobs and maintaining the competitiveness of the European economy.

The Polish edition of BLOOM will be coordinated by the University of Agriculture in Krakow and the Copernicus Science Centre. A dedicated working group will be set up as part of the project to conduct a number of creative workshops and other activities in the area of scientific communication.