The Night of Shooting Stars

Look up! Perseids are coming!

On the night of 12 August, Earth will be surrounded by a cloud of matter particles, left over by the Swift-Tuttle comet. And thus, a grand, astronomical show will take place – the shower of Perseids, meteors, which are commonly called shooting stars.

On that night, we invite you all to the park next to Copernicus Science Centre. We will be there on Friday, 12 August, starting from 9PM. We will bring telescopes and deck chairs, and most importantly, we will extinguish nearby illuminations and some of the brighter lights in order to create the best conditions for sky observation in Warsaw.

How to watch the Perseids? Easy! Just lie down and look up to the sky. You can bring a blanket with you, so that you don't lie on cold ground.

We will have special guests watching Perseids with us, as well as music and food trucks.

Come over! It's best to admire shooting stars together.

The event will be conducted in Polish.