YEC (Young Explorer’s Club) Forum

It's a yearly celebration of our programme. YEC supervisors and partners meet once a year in Warsaw, during a two-day conference in Copernicus Science Centre.

12th YEC Forum
YEC. More than a club.

24–25 November 2023

The core of the Young Explorer’s Club Program is to build a learning community. On a daily basis, you only get to see a small part of that initiative: your club, sometimes clubs from your closest area or a region. The YEC Forum is an opportunity to look at our community from a broader perspective and feel a part of a bigger change. It brings together people who may not know each other yet but already share common values and mission - to support children and teenagers in developing key competences such as critical thinking, creativity, openness to the world, agency and problem-solving.

Our Forum is a place where diversity, creativity and potential come together. This year’s edition highlights it more than ever as, for the first time, we will meet with partners and mentors from all countries of the international YEC community, including Armenia, Georgia, Romania and Ukraine. Moreover, we will host representatives of partner institutions from Ethiopia and Israel.

The theme of the 12th YEC Forum is cooperation and effective teamwork. We will also reflect on how we can benefit from our clubs’ diversity, which is not only limited to cultural differences but also applies to the participants’ multiple skills, perspectives and experiences.

Even though cooperation doesn’t always come easily and requires time, practice and determination, we believe, it is worth making this effort. It opens our horizons and enables us to see other perspectives, develop social skills and acquire knowledge more effectively. In today’s world, developing and strengthening cooperation skills is a key element of education that prepares young people to be effective in all spheres of life. It is, therefore, an investment towards a responsible, and engaged society.

Boosting cooperation skills is also one of the YEC network’s priorities. With improved collaboration, doing experiments becomes more than just developing a club member’s or mentor’s competencies. It creates a community that gathers around the idea of experiments and at first involves club members and supervisors, then parents and schools, and later also

local entrepreneurs, governments, institutions and universities. Thanks to the involvement of so many people, each of the thousand clubs formed in Poland and abroad has become part of a great change that continues to create conditions for the development of independent, critically thinking, empowered citizens.

Come to the Copernicus Science Centre to experience that YEC is more than a club.

Registration of participants will begin in the last week of September and will be open for about seven days.

Please read the Terms and Conditions of the event.

Terms and Conditions of the 12th Forum