YEC (Young Explorer’s Club) Forum

It's a yearly celebration of our programme. YEC supervisors and partners meet once a year in Warsaw, during a two-day conference in Copernicus Science Centre.

YEC Forum is an important event which builds and strengthens a community of engaged educators. It is a 2 days long conference, where club Supervisors, invited from all around Poland, as well as from abroad – the invitation includes accommodation, meals, and a partial return of travel expenses – can meet and exchange experiences, partake in workshops, and listen to lectures from renowned experts in the field of education.

The meeting includes:

  • lectures by experts;
  • collaborative search for solutions and acquiring new skills during methodical, didactic, subject, and key competence workshops;
  • an exchange of good practices and experiences;
  • planning cooperative actions in the following year (market of ideas);
  • meetings with regional partners.

This year's Forum takes place during a pandemic. A reality that vividly illustrated how changeable and uncertain the world can be. We felt it strongly in the area of ​​education - social isolation, closing schools or significantly limiting their functioning, and suspension of extracurricular activities. Before our eyes, the digitization process accelerated and technology suddenly became part of lessons. It was inevitable. We knew that we would be heading in this direction in the future, but we did not expect the future to come so soon. This acceleration may be worrying, we are entering areas that have not been fully explored, but at the same time we have received new tools, we are developing new ways of operating, and all this is an opportunity for change - a well-thought-out, actual change in functioning. We can create a new education. Education preparing for life in the world of the future.