How does a snake or a fish see the world? What do bees do in hives? What's hiding in the roots of trees? How to build a water dam? How does a fox smell, or a pine? Could you build a labyrinth out of cacti? Here, you have to touch, and climb, and knock down, and put together, but above all – have fun!

From August 1, 2024, the Bzzz! Exhibition will be closed due to the renovation of the space.

The Buzzz! exhibition is a separate space for our youngest visitors that stimulates unhampered experimenting. Little copernicans can play here, driven by their natural curiosity. Action taking and the corresponding emotions are great teachers. After all, children are born scientists! Their enthusiasm and exploratory zeal could cause an inferiority complex in many academics. The space is designed to put children's natural movability into use and make them discover by themselves.

At the Buzzz! exhibition, children engage in experiencing different phenomena with their senses. They can learn that a meadow only seems quiet, while in reality it's buzzing with all sorts of different sounds. Grasshoppers, mosquitos, larks and storks are its inhabitants, frequently visited by wind and rain. Children can follow a moose, a squirrel and a fox in a game of searching for forest creatures. They can also experience the smells of violets and stags, and see how differently the world looks through animal eyes.

A wild river flows along the Buzzz! exhibition, where our youngest explorers can find plenty of water exhibits. Cranks, screws, buckets and valves are just begging for attention – and to put them into motion! There are also colourful balls floating around for the children to check if fountains could lift them up or how they would react to being thrown into big whirlpools. Everybody knows there's nothing more exciting than water games, so little copernicans sometimes lose themselves in experiments and it's good to take a change of clothes.

While accompanying your little explorer, you can ask either them leading questions or awaken your inner childish enthusiasm and partake in a butterfly race along with them! Can you explain to your kids what sound is? Or air? No? Perfect! Ask for Buzzz! mini-workshops where we will help you with finding answers. And after your visit to Copernicus Science Centre, come back to it in conversations with your child – and plan the next one!

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