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Copernicus for the summer


In July, we are open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., and on Fridays – from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

At the Exhibitions, you will find completely new exhibits!

“Prescription for everything” is a vending machine with pills, sprays and injections for contemporary existential problems. Although the exhibit approaches the topic in a rather playful manner, it makes us think about the ubiquitous striving to make everything quick, simple and easy.

“DNA in a test tube” helps to realise how much information is contained in the DNA extracted from just one cell. If we tried to write them all down as a sequence of letters in books, we would have to store them on a giant library shelf.

“Catch a second” refers to precise atomic clocks that measure time in nanoseconds daily.

Copernicus all inclusive

Remember that a ticket to exhibitions includes free access to many additional attractions, such as:

Other attractions

On 14th July, together with Samsung, we will celebrate Explorers’ Day. Our Exhibitions will be free of charge, and there will be special technological attractions in Copernicus. Free tickets will be available online on 8th July.

On 18th July, the first-ever holiday Lates 18+ will take place. The evening, titled “Me Robot,” will focus on the development of robotics, AI, and cybersecurity. Remember to buy your tickets soon! The Lates 18+ will come back only in November.

We invite you to participate in summer activities in our EduFactory. Come and create unique images using the cyanotype technique and make your unique lamps.


At the Planetarium, you will see live sky shows and space-themed films. There are concerts under the stars every Friday, and once a month – "Straight from the Sky" meetings with scientists. On 11th July, we will talk about meteorites.

You can attend these events by buying a separate ticket or using the so-called combined ticket. The exhibition “Look! There's the Earth!” presented in the Planetarium building, is free of charge.

See Warsaw from above

Don’t forget about our rooftop garden. It is available free of charge from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. You can access the garden by walking up the ramps on both sides of the building; there is no need to go inside.

Limited availability of attractions on May 24th
We kindly inform you that on May 24th, some attractions will be unavailable for visitors: the exhibition “The Future is Today”, the Robotic Theater, and the “Air fountain” exhibit. Additionally, the corridor connecting the Exhibitions and the Planetarium will be closed, so we ask those attending a show to walk around the building.
Copernicus – Poland's Investment of the Decade in the EU
The Copernicus Science Centre has been recognized by „Rzeczpospolita” as one of the 15 best Polish investments of the past two decades, realized with co-financing from European funds. The awards were given to local governments – municipal, city, county, and provincial – in four categories: sustainable transport, green investments, culture and education, and society.
Join us for the 2024 Night of Museums at Copernicus!
Our Exhibits, Planetarium, and special attractions await you. At the „The Future is Now” exhibit, you'll find our latest robots. Talk to its curator, the android Ameca. Ameca is an advanced humanoid equipped with artificial intelligence and a flexible face that perfectly imitates human expressions. You'll also have the chance to control her companion, the robotic dog Sirius. It's worth spending some time at this exhibit to see how it has grown. In the fall of 2023, we expanded the exhibition by adding displays showcasing the possible future of medicine and advancements in bioengineering.


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