Invite us to come to you

It’s possible for Copernicus’ science demonstrations, traveling exhibitions and online classes to come to you! Professionally led by our team of “explainers”, our science demonstrations can be ideal for conferences, picnics, festivals or team-building meetings. Our roving exhibitions, in turn, will allow a local audience to experiment on their own. We travel both to schools and to private companies. The online activities we offer include virtual tours of the Copernicus exhibitions, collaborative remote experimentation together with experts from our laboratories, and scientific and planetary demonstrations led by our top-notch presenters. There is no corner of Poland we cannot reach: anywhere there are viewers who are curious about the world and open to outside-the-box forms of entertainment.

Pokazy naukowe - zamów Kopernika do siebie
Science demonstrations

The science demonstrations of the Copernicus Science Center are artistic performances, impressive experiments, expert knowledge and great fun, all rolled into one. In just half an hour, you can learn oh so much, and discover the super-fascinating side of science.


Kopernik w terenie - wystawy objazdowe.jpg
Traveling exhibition

“Captive Mind” is a roving exhibition designed not only for children and teenagers, but also for adults. The exhibits are interactive, giving visitors a chance to test how their own mind works, trying to “to catch it in the act”. Great fun guaranteed!