Strategic Partner and Supporting Partners

The Centre’s partners support us in all enterprise concerning gallery development, cooperate in creating projects and workshops for our visitors. They help us to achieve our goals and make our Centre become a special place, where everyone can enjoy the fruits of science and feel the explorer within themselves.

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Strategic Partner
Robotic Theatre Partner
Temporary Exhibition Partner

Samsung Polska supports the Copernicus Science Centre in promoting science with the use of new technologies. Together we create new educational programmes, give ‘new look’ to our exhibitions and provide additional attractions for visitors during our events. The beginning of our collaboration dates back to the opening of the Copernicus, in November 2010. Within this cooperation Samsung provides a variety of technological services and products, including 3D devices, tablets, screens and TVs for the purpose of exhibitions and mini-labs, as well as initiates special exhibitions and events such as the Samsung Dot’s It on the technology of making QLED TVs and Lates 18+, during which the Copernicus Science Centre is open only for adult visitors.

Strefa Samsung - współpraca z Kopernikiem


Raytheon Technologies

Łukasiewicz – Institute of Aviation

Exclusive Partner to Chemistry Lab

Exclusive Partner to Robotic Lab,
Exclusive Partner to Wytwórnia


Exclusive Partner to Physics Lab

BASF – one of the largest chemistry concerns – supports our Chemistry Lab since 2010. Together we’re developing the Chemistry Lab programme. We also organize the Chemistry Day and strive to show the young people, that chemistry as a subject doesn’t need to be boring.

Raytheon is a technology and innovation leader specializing in defense, civil government and cybersecurity solutions throughout the world. Founded in 1922, Raytheon provides state-of-the-art electronics, mission systems integration, capabilities in C5I (command, control, communications, computing, cyber and intelligence), sensing, effects and mission support services.

The institute is a leading research unit in Europe, in the field of designing and testing aviation structures, rocket engine technology, and autonomy and safety technologies of unmanned aerial systems. Experts from twenty seven laboratories provide research and development services for local and global industrial entities. In the Physics Laboratory in Copernicus, the Institute supports us in learning the laws of physics on which the world around us is built.

Mercedes-Benz Polska

Partner of the first part of the exhibition “The Future is Today. Digital brain?”

Mercedes-Benz Poland is a partner of the first installment of "The Future is Today. Digital Brain" exhibition. Among the exhibits, there is a futuristic conceptual vehicle Mercedes F015 – an autonomous car and a self-driving "luxurious area of relaxation". A car which communicates with pedestrians and other participants of traffic, and interacts with them in a city of the future. An emission-free drive of the vehicle and its driving automation functions are a view into Mercedes-Benz's aim to reach zero carbon footprint in their designs by 2030.