Lay out – Let out 2020

Due to the pandemic, this year's Lay out – Let out 2020 conference was moved to the virtual world, and instead of two days, it lasted from the beginning of July to the end of August. The conference was divided into three stages, differing in the intensity of activities, duration, and commitment of the recipients.

The point of reference for all activities during the conference was a discussion on redefining the functions of school. We tried to redesign it. We moved within three areas that we identified here, in Copernicus, as requiring reconstruction: the relationships and roles played in the school community by students, parents, teachers, and principals; working methods and ways of learning and teaching; and the educational tools and resources at our disposal. In order to obtain the broadest possible perspective, which helped to develop specific solutions for the future, we resorted to various discussion formats. There were discussion panels, interactive lectures, interviews, webinars, and workshops. We wanted to hear the voices of all parties interested in education: parents, teachers, principals, educators, local government officials, representatives of the third sector and – above all – students.

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