Community and liminality (being between)

The pandemic has created a sort of liminal area between what is familiar and what is potentially new. It's an area full of anxiety and uncertainty, but at the same time it awakens our curiosity and reflections. Does art, being a liminal practice, building liminal communities, can help people find themselves in the „between”?

Festiwal Przemiany 2020 Karolina Zyniewicz
Karolina Żyniewicz

Liminal being, artist and researcher, graduate of visual arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. PhD student of the Nature-Culture programme in the Artes Liberales department at the Univeristy of Warsaw. While carrying out her artistic projects in biology labs, she also conducts ethnographic research which is the basis for her meditations on non—human actors' role in creating modern culture. In her work, she highlights the epistemic and didactic dimensions of art. Between 2016-2018, she collaborated with educational departments of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw and Zachęta National Art Gallery. Żyniewicz uses these experiences in her own liminal practice.

Projekt dofinansowano ze środków Narodowego Centrum Kultury w ramach Programu „Kultura w sieci”.