Saving the world workshop. How to prevent catastrophic risks in the coming decade?

Could we have prevented the pandemic? Do ways to prevent this kind of events even exist? What about the other dangers to the world and all the creatures inhabiting it? Do we care about these dangers? Can we control them?

From a cyber war, through failed biotechnological experiments, to extreme weather phenomena connected to global warming – we will take participants of the workshop through the darkest scenarios of near future. But there is also hope, as we will look for ways to help the inhabitants of the Earth to come away unscathed from the crises.

The workshop will be lead by Michał Trzęsimiech, the international Effective Altruism community organiser.

Prowadzący panel

Festiwal Przemiany 2020 Michał Trzęsimiech
Michał Trzęsimiech

Charity entrepreneur focused on neglected, yet important areas of public activity. Founder of the Policy Entrepreneurship Network, which supports advocates working on selected health policy issues. Organiser of the Effective Altruism movement. Together with the Polish Foundation for Effective Altruism that he has lead since its creation in 2017, he asks questions about the possibilities of reduction of suffering of sentient beings now and in the future. He is also a speaker and a trainer, organiser of events around stoicism and applied rationality.

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