Festival Café

We have prepared a special festival menu at our pop-up café: dishes based on seasonal and local produce, salty and sweet snacks, various drinks, speciality coffees, and a unique festival coffee blend. There will also be workshops and tastings #przywspolnymstole (#atthecommontable).    

Café hosts: Żona Krawca from the Praga district and CzyKawka from the Wola district. 

#przywspolnymstole (#atthecommontable) Workshops

Autumn is the time of harvesting the last crops and securing stocks for the winter. Pickles are a key element of home pantries (and a source of many health benefits). How and what to pickle? What proportions are best? How to use the fruit or vegetable scraps to make tasty pickles? You will find out at the common table.

Piotr Ciemny I All about weeds 

7 Oct. 2023 (Saturday) from noon to 1.30 p.m. 

Piotr Ciemny, author of the profile  Piotr Ciemny 🌿 chwasty / dzikie zioła (@chwastyodkuchni) cook, nature lover, fermentation and plant-based cuisine enthusiast, author of the books Chwasty od kuchni [All about weeds] and Dzikie zioła sezonowo [Wild herbs seasonally] will prepare the following dishes with the workshop participants:

  • homemade chilli sauce with fruit, 
  • pickled cauliflower with stem, stem leaves and florets,
  • roasted, pickled beets. 

Room capacity: 20  

The organiser provides all the necessary tools and materials. The workshop is free but participants have to register via our application form.

Kaja Nowakowska I Mead Ladies  

8 Oct. 2023 (Sunday) from noon to 1.30 p.m. 

Mead Ladies are Kaja Nowakowska and Gosia Ruszkowska – enthusiasts of wild edible and medicinal plants, mushrooms and old processing techniques. They promote a green lifestyle and cooking. Authors of Dzikie smaki. Kuchnia zwariowanego zbieracza roślin [Wild flavours. The Kitchen of a crazy forager], Dzikie kiszonki i inne fermentacje [Pickled wild plants and other fermentations], and the blog meadladies.pl, where you can read about cooking with wild plants, natural cosmetics, and botanical walks. 

During the workshop with Kaja, you will prepare the following: 

  • blue kombucha,    
  • blend for oxidised tea from seasonal wild plants,
  • nastaw na ocet z owoców jesieni (np. z dzikimi jabłkami, dodatkiem głogu i ulęgałek). blend for autumn fruit vinegar (e.g. with wild apples, hawthorn and wild pears). 

Room capacity: 20  

The organiser provides all the necessary tools and materials. The workshop is free but participants have to register via our application form.  


Taste local, high-quality products created by enthusiasts who could talk about their work forever. Embark on two aromatic journeys to the world of coffee and tea.   

ROST Coffee That Cares 

7 Oct. 2023 (Saturday) at 6.00 p.m.  

ROST Coffee That Cares (rost-warsaw.com), speciality coffee roasters, was opened by Krzysiek Rzyman and Alex Tęcza. They have known each other for several years, and they first talked about opening their place in 2021 on the Clubhouse platform. From words to deeds, they created new quality on the speciality market. Their coffee roasters are focused primarily on environmentally friendly production. They cooperate with the most sustainable importers of green beans, and their coffee is available in compostable packaging (including labels!). 

During the coffee cupping, we will taste their new speciality coffee. Brazil Fazenda Pinheiro was created from the Catuai variety grain. It is characterised by high sweetness and fruity taste, with noticeable mirabelle, nougat and milk chocolate notes.  

Duration: 60 min  

Room capacity: 20  

The workshop is free but participants have to register via our application form.   


8 Oct. 2023 (Sunday) at 6.00 p.m.

Magda and Filip dreamed about a Warsaw kombucha microbrewery where they could combine their love for the world of teas and wines. Meduzyna Kombucha was opened at the beginning of 2020 and has been constantly developing. It is served in the best restaurants in Poland, and in 2022, it won awards in the Great Taste Awards international competition.  

Kombucha, or fermented tea, first came to Poland over 100 years ago. Meduzyna is made from high-quality organic ingredients using a traditional craft method similar to the sparkling wine-making process. 

We invite you to the world of aromatic teas from Nepal, China and India tea gardens.  

Duration: circa 60 min  

Room capacity: 20  

The workshop is free; participants have to register via an application form.