Educational program

Dream Designers

We support the development of young people's interests and competences in the field of science and technology (STEM), using a constructionist approach.

Since January 2016, Boeing has been our STEM Projects Partner, and this cooperation is carried out through, among others, the Dream Builders program.

The main representative of constructionism was Seymour Papert. His contribution to the development of science about the learning processes of children cannot be overestimated. He was the first to introduce modern technology to schools on a mass scale. Like Seymour, we believe that "children learn best when they act, and they can involve their heads, hearts and hands in the action." We proclaim a loud YES! to dreaming things up and building them. Thanks to the use of technique and new technologies, your involvement in the process of creating knowledge increases.

According to Papert, while creating, both children and young people are not only recipients, but also creators of their knowledge. When you apply yourself to your work, you feel responsible for its effects and the pleasure it brings.